Why you’re more likely to have a black man as a relative: A study

A few years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating study that had a great deal to say about the relative benefits of having a black male relative.

I didn’t know much about the study, but it seemed to fit the bill as the results of it were very striking.

The study showed that the likelihood of having black male relatives increased with each passing year.

It also showed that it was not simply the black man’s ethnicity that increased the likelihood that a relative would have a family member with a black ancestry.

The researchers went on to show that it wasn’t just the family members’ ethnic background that mattered.

The likelihood of their having a relative with a family history of African descent also increased.

The study had a number of interesting conclusions.

First, having a family with black relatives was a strong predictor of the likelihood the person would have their own family history.

Second, having African-American relatives was also a strong predictor of having children with a non-black parent.

Third, the more African-Americans a person had in the family, the higher the likelihood they would have children of African-descended parents.

When we talk about the “benefits of blackness,” we’re talking about the fact that we are more likely than other people to have ancestors who are black.

It’s not surprising that people would want to be connected to their ancestors as a way of preserving and maintaining that connection.

However, the study also showed the following: A black family history increases the likelihood a person will have children who are African-African.

In fact, the greater the black ancestry in the first family, according to the study authors, the less likely the person was to have children from a black parent.

For African-descent white women, the odds of having one or more children from their first black parent was three times greater than for African-black women.

For non-African-African men, the likelihood was six times greater.

In short, having more black relatives is a strong deterrent to children from being born to African-Descendant mothers.

I found it interesting that when we talk to people who are close to us, it’s hard to get a clear picture of what they think about the benefits of being black.

As I said at the start of this post, I think that there are people who believe that having a white relative is not beneficial.

For example, if you’re a man and you are living in a small town with one black person, you’re going to be a bit lonely.

If you’re living in an inner-city neighborhood, you may be more likely have an extended family of white people around you.

In fact, according the researchers, a person’s racial background can make them more likely be a “bias” to blackness in general.

When people are asked to describe their thoughts about blackness, they tend to describe it as a negative, negative thing.

But if you ask them what they actually think about black people, they can actually describe the things that are positive.

We’re all biased.

We’re all going to find out that the only people who don’t have this bias are the ones who live in small towns, inner-cities, and inner-ring suburbs.

So if you can convince people that they are less likely to find themselves in that situation, you can make yourself less likely as a person to find yourself in that kind of situation in the future.

In other words, having black relatives and being white is actually not a disadvantage in the world.

If it were, we wouldn’t be seeing the same racial discrimination that we see today.

This post originally appeared at Vox.


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