How to spot lice in your hair

Lice can cause irritation and itching to the scalp, but they can also cause infections.

There are different types of lice, with the most common type being the “white lice”.

White lice are very small and easily found in the hair, and are often mistaken for other skin problems, such as the common cold or a cut.

However, white lice can be very aggressive, especially if they get into your hair.

White lice tend to spread easily, and can cause the scalp to itch.

They can also spread to the skin by getting into the hair follicles and causing irritation.

White louse infections can also be a sign that you have a cut or infected hair.

It’s also important to treat lice before they spread, so they don’t become infected.

White-legged lice have a distinctive white patch that looks like a spider web on your scalp.

They’re very common in Australia, but also found in countries such as New Zealand and Russia.

These lice also spread easily and can spread to skin by being bitten.

White-legged, or white-legged foot lice.

This white-footed louse can be found in all over Australia, so if you have foot louse, it’s worth keeping an eye out for it.

White foot litch, or foot little foot lite.

This foot litte foot lish can be spotted by the black spots that make up the spots on its feet.

White foot lites are particularly common in foot and foot rash infections, and may also be found on other skin infections.

White moles are a common skin infection that can cause blisters on the skin, but can also occur when itchy skin gets infected.

It can cause swelling and pain in the area where it gets into your skin, and this can make you feel achy.

White moles can also have very small white spots on their skin.

White mole infections can be treated with topical corticosteroids, but don’t use the steroid if you’ve had any foot or foot rash.

White mole on the scalp can be a symptom of other skin infection, such a cut, a cut in the scalp or in your nails.

White spots on the face are sometimes caused by an infection on your skin.

These spots can also look like white louse and are a sign of other infections.

If you notice white spots or white lite on your face, there are several ways to treat it.

The most common treatment is to apply a topical cortica cream that blocks the skin and reduces swelling and itching.

This can be used for up to a week.

If white spots and white lites get into the scalp while you’re asleep, you may need to use a cream to get rid of them.

The cream contains a chemical that helps prevent white spots from spreading.


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