The Most Important Haircut in Hip-Hop History | Video

In the early 1970s, hip-hop star MC Boogie was making a name for himself in the underground.

The artist’s raps were often full of references to himself and his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, but he also included some of the most beautiful, dramatic hair-cutting in history.

On one of his first albums, The Greatest, Boogie said, “I’m gonna cut my hair.

I’m gonna do a lot of work on it.”

The man behind The Greatest has since passed away, but his legacy lives on.

Here are some of Boogie’s most memorable hairstyles.


The “Boogie-Tron” Haircut, 1972 Boogie had a reputation for being a perfectionist, but at one point in time, he was actually pretty into his hair.

“I had to cut a lot to get it done,” he told Esquire in the 1990s.

“And the problem was, there’s so many different lengths, and the whole thing is going to be so thick, that it would never go down.”


The Original “Crowned Head” Hair Cut, 1987 Boogie, along with his wife, actress Lisa Marie Presley, had their hair styled in the style of a crown.

Boogie called the style “the crown of hair,” which was a reference to the traditional headdress of the British Crown.


The T-Rex Haircut With A Feline Hairpiece, 2003 Boogie is remembered as a fearless competitor in the music industry.

In a song titled “Murda Muffin,” he rapped, “If you want to be the King of Rap, you gotta be a T-rex.”

In the video for “T-Rex,” Boogie shows off his feathered tail, which is thought to be a tribute to the T-800.


The Boogie-O-Meter Haircut on The Beach, 1993 In this classic video, Boogy and Presley get into a fight over who should get to cut Boogie off the top of a cliff.

The rapper asks Presley to put her head under his hair and then proceeds to hold her up by the hair and pull her hair back until she falls.

Presley is able to do the move, but Boogie ultimately wins.


The Classic “Muffin” Haircuts, 1983 Boogie and his wife Lisa Marie are featured in this clip from the 1982 film The Princess Bride, where the two of them go to the beach and play with their two dogs.

They’re shown with their hair cut, and they’re both laughing.


The Beard and the Haircut with A “Kitty” in the Belly, 1974 Boogie has a reputation as a perfectionistic hairstylist, so it’s no surprise he used a little bit of extra work on his head and head hair to get his hair to look as close to his trademark boob shape.

The video for the song “The Beard and The Haircut” is pretty much the same as the one in the movie, with Presley holding up the head and Boogie pulling the hair back to his natural head shape.


The Cut To the Bone Haircut On the cover of the “Babe” album, Presley’s hair is cut short.

This was done to show off her curves, and Boogy is seen holding up his head.


The Bunting and the Beard in the Back, 1984 Boogie goes with the bunting style on this song, as well as on several other songs from The Princess Princess.

The haircut is a reference that Boogie used to play with his hair as a child.


The Boning and the Bunting, 1984 This video features Boogie on stage, standing on a stage and performing a Bunting.


The Short Bun and the Boning, 1984 It’s a classic hairstyle that has stuck with Boogie since his days in the Big Daddy Show, with the rapper showing off the bun on his left side and his hair on his right side.


The Faded Haircut And the Bonning, 1985 Boogie finally gets his hair cut off on this classic song, where he is standing in the audience.


The Face in the Window, 1985 The hair that Boogy has been rocking since the 1980s is the same that he has been pulling back for years.

In the late 1990s, Boogie was spotted with his face in the window of his car.


The Hair Cut With a Bun and a Hat, 1988 Boogie pulls his hair back on this track, and it’s another classic cut.


The Belly in the Fog, 1986 Boogie makes a cameo in this classic “Bachelor Party” video.


The Back to the Bikini, 1986 In this video from The Bachelorette, Boogi is seen pulling his hair down while he’s on his


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