Why the trend of short hair is here to stay

The trend of wearing short hair has been going on for a long time, but there’s a reason it’s now such a thing.

In an industry that often pushes us to look more like celebrities, it’s not unusual for people to opt for shorter hair in an effort to look less intimidating.

And while this trend may seem strange to some, there’s actually a lot to it.

“Short hair is a way to stand out from the crowd,” says Joanne Bickett, a stylist at Beauty Salon in Sydney.

“It helps to convey a sense of confidence and a certain ‘we’re different’ feel.

And, in general, short hair also gives you an overall more feminine vibe.”

While the popularity of short hairstyles in the US has risen over the last few years, it isn’t the trend you’d expect.

While the trend is still prevalent in many countries, it doesn’t have the same reach or visibility as it once did.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 that the US government officially banned short haircuts, meaning that short haircuits and head wraps are now banned everywhere in the country.

But if you’re still not sure about short hair and want to learn more about why it’s such a trend, here’s what you need to know about it.

Why short hair matters There are many different reasons why people wear short hair, but for the most part it’s about style.

It’s a way of showing that you don’t look like someone who’s going to be getting into a lot of trouble with the law.

It can also show that you’re comfortable with your appearance.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that goes into choosing your look, says Bickette.

For one, it can help with your confidence.

“In the US, people tend to have a more ‘us-against-them’ mentality about their appearance,” she says.

“That’s why people have short hair.

If you have short-haired hair, you have a bit of an edge, a bit more confidence.”

And if you wear it in a way that shows that you have more control over your appearance, you’ll be seen as more confident.

Bicketts says that you can even use short hair as a way for you to show your age.

“If you’re really in your 30s, then you may find that your hair is more grown out and you look older.

That’s a really important thing, and it’s something that you should do.

You can also use it as a sort of ‘I’m still in school’ sign,” she adds.

And in Australia, it has been used to represent women in the workforce, as it shows a strong sense of self-confidence.

“There are also the social benefits of wearing a short hairstyle, and of course, there is the ‘look’ aspect,” she explains.

“So when you’re in a situation where you need someone to talk to, for example, or when you need a haircut, then short hair really gives you that extra touch.”

But what if you don´t like the look of your short hair?

In the US and Australia, there are certain regulations about wearing short haircons.

For example, short haircues must be at least three inches long, and must be cut to a length of no more than six inches.

“I think the UK has had the most lenient regulations,” says Binkett.

“They have a shorter length rule, but they also have a very strict no-makeup rule.

They can only put on one layer of make-up, and they’re also allowed to wear gloves and other body armour, as well as make-ups and accessories.”

But for many people, it could still feel like a big step backwards to have to make a choice between wearing a long hairstyle and a short one.

If this seems to be a decision that you feel is right for you, Bickets recommends that you do your research before choosing.

“A lot of people may not be sure if they’d like to wear a short haircut or a long one, but if you do research, you can make the right choice for you,” she suggests.

“And if it does seem like a step back for you and you’re unsure of whether you’d like the longer length, then definitely check out our length guide and get the advice that’s right for your individual hair style.”

The problem is, you might end up wearing a shorter hairstyle than you intended.

“The problem with short haircuit is that it can be hard to decide what length you want,” says Darlene Fenton, a hairstylist in Melbourne, Australia.

“But if you find yourself wondering about this, then don’t worry.

As long as you can keep the style consistent and have it stay on


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