How to get the most bang for your buck with hair products

A new line of hair products is making its way onto the shelves of retailers across Australia.

Hair care company Haircare is introducing the Hairgrowth shampoo to its line of products.

The product, which is designed for medium layered hair and hair growth, is a lightweight product that is recommended for use on the sides of your head. 

According to the Haircare website, it is an anti-bacterial shampoo that is also meant to be used on your head and scalp.

 The product has a gentle, light feel to it, but can be a bit drying. 

The hair care brand said it wanted to offer the product to women who are in the market for hair products to try, but have yet to discover a hair product that was suited for their style and needs.

Hairgrowth is priced at $30 for a bottle and $70 for a full box. 

Haircare says it has over 30,000 customers in Australia.

According to Haircare’s website, the Hair Growth shampoo is currently available in select markets. 

“Our Hairgrowth line has been the most successful on the market,” said Haircare general manager Michael Latham.

“The product is light weight, lightweight, effective, and gentle on the scalp, which has proven to be an important selling point.” 

The Hairgrowth products have been in development for a number of years, and are currently being manufactured at Haircare, in the NSW town of Cairns, where the company is based.

Haircare has developed its own range of products in the past, including the Lifestyle and Hair Care products.

As well as its Hairgrowth product, Haircare offers hair care treatments, hair removal, hair styling, and a hair mask. 

In addition to its hair care products, HairCare also offers a range of other hair care essentials such as a hair brush, scalp cleanser, hair colour, shampoo, hair gel, and hair care line products. 

For more information on Haircare and to find out how to try the products, visit


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