What is henna?

Henna, also known as henna, is a popular cosmetic product for women.

It’s also used to treat blemishes and wounds.

It has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, such as eczema, acne and eczemas.

The product can be made from the hairs of the crow’s feet or the wings of the cuckoo, or any other animal that can produce hair.

It is applied to the skin using a diffuser and is considered to be a natural remedy for skin conditions.

But it’s not always accepted as a remedy.

Some health authorities are against it.

Some doctors are against henna as it is a common cosmetic product, but others are for its use.

Dr Sudhir Vashi, president of the Indian Medical Association, has said: “If we get henna in the country we will see huge number of problems.

The main reason for that is the use of henna is against the health.

It causes dermatitis, skin infections and even allergic reactions.

The products also are toxic.”

Dr Sudathi Mistry, a dermatologist at Kasturba Medical College in Pune, said that it is not necessary to wash the skin after using henna.

“It has to be washed away with a gentle soap and water.

But if it is too watery, then you should apply the henna with a soft cloth to clean the area,” he said.

Dr Mistry added that henna has a very high toxicity level.

He added that the main reason is that the product contains chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Dr Mistry also added that a lot of people suffer from allergies to henna-related products.

He said that hennamas are used to improve the skin tone, so the product should be avoided by those suffering from skin allergies.

Dr Vashi said that the most common side effect of hennamatas is that people feel sore skin.

However, this is only one of the many side effects of hennafication.


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