‘Bridget Jones’ hair ‘isnt real’ but is in fact a ‘natural’ hair color

A bridget Jones wig is one of those things that you never know whether it’s going to turn out to be a good thing or not, but in the case of the new Bridget Jones series, it’s proving to be both a blessing and a curse.

The star has been teasing fans with photos of her new look for the past month, but on Tuesday, she announced the results of her test.

She revealed that her hair is “not real,” but it is a “natural hair color.”

So naturally, people were wondering what exactly she was talking about.

“No, my hair is not real,” Jones told Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s my wig.

It’s my hair.”

As we mentioned in the video above, she has teased that it was a wig that was made with “natural materials and not any synthetic.”

“I’m always the one who’s making the decisions, but I’m the one that can always change it,” Jones said.

“I think that’s the beauty of the show, because you don’t really know if you want to do something or not.”

She added, “The wig is the hair.”

But what exactly is “natural” and “natural”?

The short answer is that Jones’ wig is not made of a natural material like natural hair.

Instead, it is made from “non-toxic materials, which include nylon, acrylic, and polyester.”

But Jones also revealed that she had tried to make the wig more natural than what it actually is.

“My wig is really soft and it’s not like a synthetic wig,” Jones explained.

“The real wig I made is my real wig, and I wanted to give it more of a ‘wow’ factor.

I want to give my hair that wow factor.

The natural hair is my wig, not a synthetic one.”

So is there a downside to using synthetic materials?

For one, it can lead to damage to the hair.

But the show also promises to provide viewers with “a more natural look.”

“There’s a lot of things I’ve done to the wig that I’m not going to do again,” Jones continued.

“So it’s all about giving it back to the fans.

If I don’t do it, they’ll get rid of it.

I’ll still get a kick out of it, so I’m trying to make it work.”

For more on the Bridget JONES new hair style, check out the video below.

Watch: ‘Brett Baier: ‘I’m just glad to be back in this role’ article The Bridget and Joe Russo’s The New Celebrity Apprentice star also said she had “no regrets” about using a wig for the first time.

“If you want the real one, I’ll make you one,” she said.

Jones has not revealed when her new wig will be available to buy, but she said she would be “surprised if it’s the last one.”

In the meantime, fans can expect more updates about Jones’ new look as they come.

“Just stay tuned,” she told EW.


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