What you need to know about the ‘Loreal Hair Color’ controversy

A controversy has erupted in the transgender community over a controversial new hair color that’s been sold by retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

The “Lorealis” hair color is marketed as a natural hair color for those who don’t want to go full hair.

But the brand is a controversy that has sparked a national debate on gender and gender identity.

“It is important to note that Lorealis is not a hair dye or hair color,” the company says on its website.

“The products are intended for use in the salon to add volume to the hair, while allowing the natural texture and shine of natural hair to shine through.”

Loreas hair is meant to have the natural color of natural-haired women.

But some experts are calling for the company to stop marketing the product as a hair color.

Loreals owner Dr. Lauren Stacey says the company is taking a stand against a product that many people are calling a “hair dye.”

“The term ‘hair dye’ has a negative connotation and has a stigma attached to it, and that is not helpful,” she told ABC News.

“And when we’re in the marketplace, the market is not fair.

It’s very unfair.

And it’s really upsetting to people who need to be in the market.

So I’m not going to stand by and let this continue.”

The hair color, which costs $30, is sold under the Loreas name and comes in three shades: a medium, a light and a dark.

Dr. Stacey said she is happy to sell the product because she believes it’s good for the community.

“I’m very grateful for the positive response, and I think that it is a very positive step,” she said.

“But the reality is that the market needs to take this issue in the direction that it needs to, and it needs that diversity of color that people have to go through.”


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