I got infected by a hair dryer

A woman in New Zealand who was infected by an infected hair dryers strawberry blonde hair on the same day as a strawberry blonde haircut is now battling to control her condition.

The blonde-haired woman told New Zealand’s Daily Mail she had no idea that she was infected with a potentially deadly virus when she bought the hair dryger at a hair salon.

The infection was discovered by a colleague after she fell ill with the infection on the first day of her treatment, according to the newspaper.

The woman has been told by her GP to stop using the hair driers and is undergoing a three-week course of antibiotics to treat the infection.

The hair drygers, made by a company called Aussie Biscuits, are not marketed as “hair dryers”, but are meant to dry hair in a way that minimises the chance of infections.

The company told New York’s The Post that the strawberry blonde woman had been treated by its own team.

“The strawberry blonde had not had the infection,” the company said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Aussie told New Media Watch the strawberry blond woman was “an extremely fortunate patient”. “

They are assessing the patient and the condition and will make a final determination.”

A spokesperson for Aussie told New Media Watch the strawberry blond woman was “an extremely fortunate patient”.

“She has a mild to moderate case of bacterial meningitis.

She has been tested for the virus at the request of the NZ Department of Health, and the results have shown no cases of infection,” she said.

“As soon as the infection was identified, we immediately advised her to discontinue use of the hair drying equipment.”

Aussie has not yet responded to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.

A strawberry blonde is one of several strawberry blonde strains that have been identified and are thought to be caused by the same strain of coronavirus that has caused outbreaks in Japan and other countries.

The strains can be found in a small number of different places in the world, but typically are associated with Japan and are the most prevalent strain in the US, the UK and Australia.

However, the strawberry is one that has been found in Australia.

New Zealand is currently the only country where the strawberry strain is still circulating, but it is not known how widespread the infection is.


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