Australian rat hair dryers may be getting a little too old for their old tricks

Posted April 16, 2019 16:17:58 Australian rat fur and hair drying products are getting old.

They are now getting too old to wear, and not in the right colours.

The trend is already here in Australia.

Rat dryers are used in many countries and have been around for centuries.

“I was at a restaurant in a foreign country and it was quite old,” says Paul O’Sullivan, a former Melbourne rat groomer who now runs his own business in the Melbourne suburb of Melbourne.

“I asked for a rat hair brush, and the gentleman who was the owner of the place said ‘No, it’s too old, you’ll be out of business.'”

He told O’Shaughnessy that rat hair driers were a good alternative, because they were made of synthetic fibres that were less susceptible to cracking and breaking.

But that’s not always the case.

As O’Connor says, “Rat hair drier is a bit of a catch-all term for many of the things that you might see on the market in the US or the UK”.

Rat hair dryering is becoming more popular in Europe, and in Japan.

A Russian company, BETA, makes rat hair hair dryERs.

And in the UK, there is an internet market for rat hair drying equipment.

One of the products is the Hair Brush that comes with a rat-hair brush and a wooden stem that fits over the rat’s nose.

It is made of acrylic, but it is still plastic.

It has a tiny hole at the bottom so that the hair can be dried.

Other hair dryERS that come with wooden stem and a plastic bowl come in a variety of colours and are not necessarily rat-based.

The owner of BETA told me that they were able to make the hair dryerer in a relatively short amount of time.

Another rat-haired dryer is the Rat Tail Dryer.

It comes with an attached wooden stem to which you add rat hair.

It also has a small hole in the bottom of the stem so you can put a hairbrush inside.

Like the Hairbrush, it is made from acrylic and has a plastic stem.

It is not made of rat hair, and is sold online and at the store in the United States.

O’Shughnessy has noticed that the new trend is becoming a bit more widespread.

He’s heard from other rat owners who are concerned about the potential health risks of the hair drying devices.

I know a lot of rat owners in Europe who are worried that this is going to become a more widespread trend and they’re going to start selling them.

They’re worried about rats, rats getting sick, they’re worried that it’s going to spread to other countries.

That is one of the big issues.

There’s no definitive evidence that the rat-drying technology is causing a problem, but the issue is still there.

Many rat owners and breeders have told me they are concerned that rat-derived hair dryermaking devices are being used in countries where they would not be used.

According to the Australian Humane Society, rats can ingest the chemicals that make up rat hair and other materials and die.

In Australia, the only way to prevent the spread of these toxic materials is to limit the number of rats that can live in the area.

What you need to know about rats:What you should know about domestic pets:Rat ears are tiny and hard to find in Australia and Europe, but you can find them at pet shops and online.

Rats can be grey in colour, but they have black, white and yellow coloured fur.

Bats have grey beaks.

Mice and rats have grey claws.

Most domestic pets are house pets, but some are also wild cats.

You can find rats in the wild and wildcat habitats, like the Australian Outback, New Zealand and South America.

They can also be found in urban areas, including Australia, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico and Colorado.

While rats are an indoor pet, they can also live in a wild habitat, such as the wilds of New Guinea, where they breed and live in packs.

Do rats eat people?

Rats are social animals, and when they are fed, they are very picky about what to eat.

Once they have finished their meal, they will run away.

However, they do like to be around people, and this is what makes them vulnerable to diseases and other human-caused problems.

Rats like to live in urban environments, and can be found on the streets of Australia and in parks and in bushland.

Are rats smart?

Rat ears, as well as the rat hair they use,


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