How to Get the Best Blowout Hair for a Better Look at the Weekend

If you’re into curly hair, it’s a great time to invest in curly-haired products. 

The popularity of curly hair is slowly but surely on the rise, and with so many options out there, you can choose your own adventure. 

Whether you’re new to the trend, or are a seasoned aficionado, here’s how to make the most of your curly hair. 


Cut off any excess strands. 

It’s easy to lose curls, especially when wearing a braided hairstyle. 

Take a piece of the braided hair, and cut off any strands that can make it longer than you’d like. 


Cut out the ends of your hair.

Don’t worry if your hair is long enough to be seen from the outside. 

Instead, cut off the ends to get rid of the excess strands, which will be more manageable. 


Use a comb to comb out excess hair.

The comb works wonders for getting rid of unwanted strands, but if you want a straight cut, you’ll need to use a comb. 


Use two or more strands of your own hair.

This is especially important if you have a curly hair style.

This is also a good time to cut off a few strands from the sides and ends of the head to get more bangs. 


Use your favorite products to smooth and condition the hair.

Hair products like aloe and jojoba oil are also great to use on curls.


Make your own blowout hair styling cream.

This will also work on curly hair if you use aloe. 


Cut hair with a razor. 

For this, you don’t have to have a hair trimmer, just a straight razor.

Use the razor to cut the hair down to the point of your desired length. 


Brush or comb.

For this, make sure your hair isn’t too long, or it will fall out.

Use hair brush or comb to do this, as the bristles will be too long. 


Style with a straight brush. 

Use a straight comb to shape your curls into an oval shape, and then use a straight hair brush to apply your styling powder to the area. 


Wrap your hair in a bun. 

If you prefer to use your hair as a hair tie, this is a good option to use, but make sure you’re not getting any extra curl. 


Mix the powder with a hair curler. 

Try using a hair gel, or if you prefer, try applying a curling iron on the hair and curling it into an ‘O’. 


Use an oil brush to rub on your hair with. 

Apply a hair oil to your hair and then rub it onto your hair to add volume. 


Add more powder to your curls. 

Add some powder to make your curls more bouncy. 


Curl with an eyebrow brush.

Use an eyebrow curl tool to add extra volume to your brows.

It is a very versatile tool to use if you’re looking to add a little bit of dimension to your look. 


Wrap and twist your hair up to 10 times. 

This is a fun way to create some extra curls.

Try this on your head and you’ll be surprised at how much you can get away with.


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