When ‘Lanie’ Drops The Harshest, Harsh & Harshiest #HarshLipsHarsh&Harsh

When “Lanie” dropped her very first track on March 2, it was an instant hit.

It’s been a huge success, and now she’s dropping another one on March 19.

The new track, “Harsh & Rough,” features the voice of the adorable girl from the movie “The Lion King.”

The song also features an interview with the artist.

Here’s the lyrics: “I’m not afraid to be rough / I’m not ashamed to be harsh / I’ve got the best hair / It’s hard to explain to people who know / But if you want to see what it looks like, listen to me” The video is a collaboration between the “Hair Mask” company, and the “Lani” agency.

In the video, a young woman dressed in a pink wig is seen dancing and singing.

“Hardest & Hasty” was released in the United States on March 6.

The video was a hit in Japan, with 1.7 million views on YouTube, and is currently viewed by over 5.7 billion people worldwide.

“I think the most amazing thing about this song is that we’re not the only ones who have seen it, we’re just the first to see it,” said Yana Akers, head of Hair Mask, in a press release.

“It’s like seeing the dawn of a new era for us, as we see our brand grow, and our customers come to us and say, ‘Hey, what’s going on with this?

What’s going to happen to the hair mask?'”

Hair Mask has been working closely with Lani on her career since its inception.

“We have worked closely with her for so long and have such a strong relationship,” said Akers.

“She is an artist that is unique and who brings so much joy to us.”


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