New York City braces for dog flu outbreak

New York, NY – The New York State Department of Health has ordered all pet owners to wear masks for at least two days while they disinfect their homes and business premises.

The New York Daily News reported the department has ordered masks and other protective equipment for all residents, businesses, schools and government offices.

The department also announced it has launched an online campaign that will provide information about the canine flu, and has urged people to seek immediate vaccinations.

The pandemic has been a nightmare for New Yorkers, who are coping with the death toll from the coronavirus, but now it is a nightmare they have to cope with.

“The city is working overtime to protect its people and our communities,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday.

“This is a national emergency, so our city is leading the way.

Our resources and our attention are being focused on the people of New York.”

New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation said in a statement on Wednesday that its workers were cleaning up and disinfecting the city’s streets, parks and beaches as well as public swimming pools.

“We’ve been working very closely with the NYPD and other state agencies to coordinate our response to this pandemic and to prevent further spread,” the statement read.

The NYPD has been providing assistance to the city with its “crisis response team,” which includes a canine unit that can work alongside the state’s public health officials and the city government.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has been deployed to assist the city, and it is also sending a canine team to the site of the outbreak, according to the agency’s Twitter account.

New York City is not the only city in the United States facing a potential pandemic.

A California outbreak is also ongoing.


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