Auburn hair straighteners

The top-selling straighteners brand Auburn has discontinued its hair straightening service, following the outcry of some customers.

The brand posted a statement on its website saying that “aubron hair straighters are no longer offered as a service.”

The brand said that customers who ordered the service in the past month will receive an email when the service returns.

The service began in October, and customers were able to order straighteners online in December.

The Auburn Hair Straightener Service has been a popular item for many years, with its prices averaging around $60 a unit.

In April, the company announced that it would stop offering the service, after it was unable to reach an agreement with the National Association of Hair & Beauty Technicians (NAHBT) to cover costs.

The company also said that its products have not been found to contain banned chemicals.

The hair straightened product is one of the most popular options for men, with men’s haircare brands such as Nordstrom and Home Depot selling the product.

Auburn has said that it plans to resume selling the service after its supply chain with the hair straightens hair is repaired.

However, the brand has faced criticism from other customers, who have accused the brand of not offering a satisfactory service.

A spokesman for the brand said in a statement that the “service has been discontinued because of ongoing supply problems.”


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