Hair cut for new school teacher: It’s not a wig or a wig cut, it’s a haircut!

The haircut of the future is being born in the city of Toronto.

The city is now the first in North America to have a haircut that is officially called “the hair cut”.

And if you don’t have a beard, don’t fret, the city is still offering you the option of a facial.

The new policy will be rolled out this fall for all school teachers, who must wear a face cover or have their hair shaved for the duration of their term.

It will also be made mandatory for new and returning school staff.

Schools across the country are now required to have facial hair removal, though they will not be required to do so for all students.

Some of the best hair cut options for young students include the ones available in the New York City school system.

“In the school setting, you’ll be able to get a facial in the classroom, but also in the hallways and on the dance floor,” said Kristin McNeil, the school system’s principal of education.

She added that it’s important to get the right type of hair cut for each student.

“A great hair cut will give a little extra wow to a person, so if you’re not comfortable with that type of haircut, we have a variety of options to accommodate your needs,” McNeil said.

According to the school, students with a facial hair can wear a beard or a ponytail.

But they are not required to wear a wig, according to the New Jersey school district.

A number of other states, including California, Oregon, and New York, also have mandatory facial hair cut policies in place.

But there is one school in Canada that will be allowing students with facial hair to choose whether they want to have it removed.

For students in grades 6 through 12, the haircut will be compulsory, and will be for the length of the term.

For students who have had their hair cut in the past, the process will be a bit more lenient.

At first, the program will only allow students who wear a facial cover, McNeil told ABC News.

Once the new policy goes into effect, it will be up to the individual schools to decide whether they are able to offer a facial, McNeill added.

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