When you’re out with your friends, remember to wear a gorilla mask

Hair diffuser: A popular hair product with many uses, such as removing water from your hair, is getting a lot of buzz lately thanks to its promise to help combat dryness and keep hair from frizzing.

Now a new product called GorillaGum offers the same benefits without the need to use a diffuser.

Gorilla Gum is the brainchild of a Brazilian woman who wants to help people in the world with dry, frizzy hair.

A recent study by The Daily Mail found that people who use Gorilla Gel regularly have a significantly lower chance of developing hair loss.

However, the product does contain a little bit of sugar that could contribute to the drying effect.

Gorillabum is a hair gel made with a special blend of botanicals that are supposed to help prevent hair loss, reduce dryness, and fight frizz.

If you’re a fan of hair products, you’ll probably be thrilled with the product.

It’s currently available at Target, Home Depot, and other retailers for $3.99, but you can also buy it online.

The product contains botanically-based extracts that are said to improve hair growth, prevent dryness in hair, and help protect against bacteria and fungus.

The Daily Mirror reported that Gorilla Gums hair gel is also good for protecting hair from harmful UV rays, but a product that contains sugar that is supposed to increase hair growth is definitely worth a look.

Gorillas hair gel, which is available at Home Depot and Target, claims to contain an array of botanical extracts that improve hair health.

The ingredients are a mix of a mix that includes botanical ingredients such as ginger, peppermint, and ginger oil, botanical ingredients that have a beneficial effect on hair growth such as bergamot, cinnamon, and rosemary, and botanical oils that contain vitamin E and vitamin C, among other things.

According to the product’s ingredients, the gel contains “bacteria-fighting antioxidants,” which help prevent harmful bacteria from growing in hair and skin.

If your hair is particularly frizzy, the company recommends using the gel twice a day, which should help to reduce frizz and reduce damage to hair.

But if you’re looking to add a little extra moisture to your hair while maintaining your natural shine, the Gorilla gum could be a perfect addition.

The ingredient list is quite extensive, but the product itself only claims to have a hair-stabilizing effect.

So, how does it work?

The gel contains a blend of different botanical compounds.

These include ginger, botanix, pepper, pepper mint, cinnamon and rosemoss.

These botanics are believed to be able to “boost” the production of natural proteins in hair follicles, which could help with hair loss and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the scalp.

According the company, the combination of the ingredients and botanism can “improve hair quality by protecting the hair follicle from damaging conditions such as dryness.”

The gel can also help prevent frizz from occurring.

The gel has a pH of 7.5, which means that it won’t cause hair to break out and lose moisture.

And while it doesn’t contain any sugar, there is a little sugar added to the gel that could potentially contribute to its drying effect, according to The Daily Post.

The result?

A product that can help combat frizz while helping to prevent hair growth.

You can read more about the product on its website.

While the product claims to work for dry, brittle, or brittle hair, there’s one thing that it definitely won’t do for frizzy-heavy hair.

“The product contains no sugar or sweeteners that are believed by some to be harmful to hair,” The Daily News reports.

“It also contains no synthetic ingredients, which may help prevent the drying and swelling of hair and prevent hair breakouts.”

So, while the product may not be the ideal hair product for those who prefer a little more moisture, it’s definitely a promising option for those with frizzy and wavy hair.


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