Why red hair is so popular with beauty bloggers

Red hair is one of the most popular hair colors among beauty bloggers.

According to the National Hair Loss Association, there are over 2.4 million redheads in the United States alone, with around half of them being redheads.

According the Hair Loss Resource Center, redheads are more likely to be older, to have a lower income, and are more racially diverse than the rest of the population.

Red hair is popular among beauty blogger and beauty blogger influencers because of its natural coloring and ease of use.

While many beauty bloggers opt for the darker shade of red hair, some are looking for something that will compliment their natural color.

Here are five popular red hair colors that you can add to your collection to make your hair stand out.1.

White, blonde, red and pink hair.

This red hair color is popular with young women and even those who are looking to shave their heads.

There are a lot of redheads around today who like to keep their hair light and blonde, but this one can be an all-day favorite for women.

It has a neutral, golden hue that is perfect for summer. 


Red and yellow hair.

This blonde hair color can be used for anyone who likes their hair natural and vibrant, which is the way I look with this hair color. 


Blue and white hair. 

This one is not too strong, but can be paired with a darker shade. 


Red hair, purple hair and blue hair.

If you like to blend your hair color, this red hair dye will be the perfect compliment. 


Black and white. 

If you’re a redhead, you’ll love this one because it’s very versatile. 

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