When to use hair mousse as a ‘shower golem’

In the days following his election victory, President-elect Donald Trump promised to “make America great again.”

The result?

Hair mousse has become a regular accessory to his wardrobe.

Now that his presidency is over, however, Trump is going to have to take it upon himself to make America great in its original form.

Hair moustaches are popular in many cultures, from India to Germany to Britain.

While some may prefer them to their own hair, the majority of people still choose to wear them in public, including celebrities, political leaders and sports stars.

So why do people keep using them?

It’s not that they are trendy.

Hair is still considered a man’s natural hair, and for many people it still feels natural.

But as we’ve come to expect from the president-elect, the hair moustache has been the source of some controversy.

And while there’s no denying that Trump’s hairstyle has become iconic, it seems to be gaining traction even among some of his detractors.

“There are so many reasons why people like the Trump hairstyle, but the fact is that it’s actually an insult to millions of people,” tweeted The New York Times.

“I’m not sure why Trump would want to insult so many people, especially to his most ardent supporters.”

While hair mosels are popular on Instagram, they’re not the most popular item on Trump’s closet.

And with Trump’s inauguration just days away, it’s hard to imagine a time when his hair would be a staple for many of his loyal fans.

It’s possible that the hairstyle will have to go back to being just that, Trump’s hair.

That could be something he’s already worked on.


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